Saturday, 10 September 2011

Poor Rough Girl

'Tis Zoe.

Ok so I'm going to take some time to tell you about this girl in my school. We'll call her Poor Rough Girl or PRG for short. The reason in giving her the name Poor Rough Girl is because:

1. Poor: She ALWAYS steals my lunch. She never has money to buy her own. Like never. She goes to the office or friends for money. Now I know her family arn't poor and I know the don't neglect her, so why is she always steeling my stuff? She steels my pens and stuff too. What the hell is wrong with this girl? I'm calling her poor because she basically acts like a begger. End of.

2. Rough: Any time I confront her about my lunch/pens she becomes very defensive and usually attacts. Usually verbal or pinning me up to a wall. She also has alot of friends just like her, so I have the right to be scared.

3: Girl: Because she if obviously female. Although somtimes I think other wise ie caveman.

Friday, 9 September 2011

9 September (2)

Heya it's Zoe!

So today I learned that plants have sex. It's true. Well mabey not. I wasn't paying attention I got distracted by Fox. I don't what to do I can't say anything because she's in love. She got mad when her own sister smiled at him. I can't tell her I like him. I'm so confused.

Zoe's Tip: Don't fall in love ypur best friend's crush

9 September

Heya guys this is my first blog :) I'm not going to do all the "I hope you enjoy this" stuff, 'cause I really want to ger down to business.

Ok, It's the 9 of September 2011 and I am in school for about 2 weeks at this point. Also i am doin my House Exams this year (or GCSE's or Junior Cert, whatever!). I'm totally freaking out! Basically because I can't study, because I have the attention span of an acorn.
And on top of all this drama (ha) I think I am devolping a crush. Let's call him.....Fox. He reminds a little of a fox. Only because he's got a nice clear face, he's really fast and sporty. And actually...kind of interesting. I don't like this crush though. Because my best friend (let's call her Cherry) has fancied this lad for years! She's literally obsessed with him! I can't tell her about this. Can I?