Friday, 9 September 2011

9 September

Heya guys this is my first blog :) I'm not going to do all the "I hope you enjoy this" stuff, 'cause I really want to ger down to business.

Ok, It's the 9 of September 2011 and I am in school for about 2 weeks at this point. Also i am doin my House Exams this year (or GCSE's or Junior Cert, whatever!). I'm totally freaking out! Basically because I can't study, because I have the attention span of an acorn.
And on top of all this drama (ha) I think I am devolping a crush. Let's call him.....Fox. He reminds a little of a fox. Only because he's got a nice clear face, he's really fast and sporty. And actually...kind of interesting. I don't like this crush though. Because my best friend (let's call her Cherry) has fancied this lad for years! She's literally obsessed with him! I can't tell her about this. Can I?

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