Monday, 13 May 2013

Dealing with backstabbers

Hello, delightful people! Today I am going to talk about the issue of backstabbing friends. I have lately realized that you have to be extremely careful about who you trust because, they could end up being a backstabbing psycho hoe. (Was that a swear? Nah, don't think so)
Anyway, after doing some quick research online (and by "quick research" I mean searching it on I came across some tips to help deal with a backstabbing friend.

(May I just note that this is not about anyone in particular, this is a general thing...I'm sick of getting in trouble)

Tip 1; Ask your friend if you can have a quiet chat together.

I have an issue with this already. I feel like the word "quiet" should be stressed more, because for some people making sure the whole school/office/bar know that something isn't right. I have come to the conclusion that the guiltier someone is, the more they will raise their voice. This is because they don't want to here you side of the story so they can't look like the bad one.

Tip 2; Allow both sides of the story to be told.

Yeah because a screaming, psycho chick/dude really wants to hear what I have to say....

Tip 3; Be aware that people from outside your friendship may try to stir up trouble

Most of the trouble would be caused by the backstabber, so what harm will a few rumors do? The more the merrier.

Tip 4; Decide what to do if your friend is not willing to talk.

Label them as a liar who has something to hide.

Tip 5; Slowly gain back trust.


I hope those tips where helpful and that you call all draw the knives from between your shoulder blades and continue your on/off friendships!


Note; In case there are any Sheldon Coopers reading, a great deal of sarcasm was used in the above entry :)

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