Sunday, 26 May 2013

Thinking About...Today's Life Lessons

Today's entry isn't going to be anything amazing. (when is it ever amazing says you). Today I have learned that I am a terrible procrastinator. I mean terrible. The definition of "procrastination" is; "To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness." or "To postpone or delay needlessly". Postpone means to put off something but it will be done eventually. The thing is, once I put something off it never gets done. I have study I was planning on doing for the past four days. I didn't do it. Instead I played Minecraft. I'm writing this as a form of procrastination. 

Today I have also learned that pillows do not make good tables. To a normal person that would have been a given. Turns out they are quite squishy. I felt like I was in the Tweenies art corner. Although my fingers may be turning blue because of the constant drop in temperature in this room, I feel that I am not yet going to turn into Bella.

Sub lesson; Bella was a bitch. 

I also learned that I am more camera shy than I thought. I was all set up to make a video today (I had my camera and my stand and everything all ready) and I could physically not bring myself to turn on the camera. Fuck knows why. 

I am now going to teach myself Portuguese. Procrastination is truly a horrible thing.


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