Thursday, 16 May 2013

Thinking About..Video Games

Gaming is something quiet close to my heart. If I look to my left, I see what makes up my life. People say it's sad and it's killing my brain. How? I'm thinking about my set quest and you're refreshing your twitter feed. Now tell me who is doing the most work! I've saved Shaun Mars. I killed the almighty and powerful Gnarsh. I rebuilt the Third Street Saints. What have you done? went out with you're boyfriend? My Sim has a boyfriend.....

Owning trophies and knowing the script to my favorite game has become a main priority in my life and has been ever since I got my first Playstation (there were no trophies for the previous two playstations but you know what I mean). I still own that Playstation one. I spent one the first Christmases that I can remember, trying to save Lara Croft from wolves and getting a swelled thumb from pressing the x button so hard in an attempt to beat my brother at Cool Borders (true story). It's weird admitting to this now because I always said I didn't start gaming until I was about 11. Oh, if only they knew.

Even if I wasn't playing I loved watching other people play. I just found it so amazing. Looking back now, the graphics are awful. Even comparing some of the earlier Playstation 2 games to what I play now really makes me think how I ever played a Playstation one. Come to think of it, I played the Sega Mega drive before the PS1. Now that's just..that's just..HOW DID WE LIVE OUR LIVES THIS WAY..IT COULDN'T SAVE PROGRESS!!! My sister and I restarted Sonic the Hedgehog about 1000 times in the course of our lives. We'd play it for about 6 hours a day and restart it again the next day. Oh it sounds so bad now...

I wanted to show you a screenshot comparing the first Sims game to the third one but I actually can't find one.

I think I'm making myself out to be the Queen of gamers. I'm not the best, to be honest. I have my fair share of fail moments which will lead to fits of serious gaming rage. Maybe I can count that as a seal of approval? Maybe not.

Of course they're are a lot of other things I could be doing with my life but why lead one life in the real world when I can lead several more exciting ones in the land of Amalur or Steelport? Yes, I could grow old and alone but at least I can say I died happy playing a game of "Free For All" on Bog. My mom doesn't like it but what are ya gonna do?


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