Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Why Being A Gamer Girl Sucks

The internet lies to me on a daily basis. There's always things about what boys think is the "perfect girl". Emma Watson's face, Angelina Jolie's body, sandwiches and being a gamer. It's all lies. Well I guess, who wouldn't want Emma Watson as a girlfriend? I'm getting a bit off track...

Being a gamer girl sucks because it is (almost always) a first class ticket to the "friendzone" with any boy. Gamer boys tend to say "Oh I'd love a girl who wouldn't mind staying in and playing COD with me instead of going out". My ideal date is a Playstation, a cuddle and a bag of chips. Why isn't there a queue of boys at my door? I also make a mean pizza sandwich. Just saying.

Maybe I run into all these problems because don't know what a real gamer girl is like? The internet lies to them too. If you type "gamer girls" into Google images, half naked chicks come up. That's not a gamer girl. That's a slut with a controller. Fair enough, I'm not the most patient or the most intelligent gamer in the world, but I'm willing to learn and I enjoy the experience. I couldn't give 2 Wumpa fruit's if you say "that doesn't make you a gamer". Maybe I'm not. My friends gave me the privilege of the title "gamer girl", not me. It's just something to think about. Maybe people should start being more realistic.

Know the difference.

Love ye's


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