Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I Matured?!

I've realized something over the past few days. I think I..do I dare say it? I think I'm starting to grow up. I don't necessarily feel older but, I've realized a lot of the decisions I've been making lately are more...mature than normal. For example:

  •  My mother gave me money to buy sweets. I took the money and bought shampoo.
  • I planned to spend my birthday money on Playstation games. Now I want to put the money in a savings account.
  • I've started wearing make-up.
  • Now, instead of impulse buying, I like to make sure I'm getting value for money and wonder if I could return the product, if it wasn't "adequate".
  • Things like Sonic, Adventure Time and Spongebob, all seem completely stupid and a waste of time to me now.
  • I cleaned for fun. That was the final straw.
What is wrong with me? Yes, I'm turning 17 on Saturday but, I don't think I can just randomly mature over night. Can I? Now a days, people don't fully mature until they're in their 20's. Worrying about my future actually keeps me awake at night now. What the hell? Yesterday, I gave my cousin a geography lecture in a field because I thought it might benefit her. I should have been making a daisy chain.

Seems like the ideal way to celebrate this momentous occasion. *sarcasm* 

I remember writing about how growing up scares me. It does. I don't feel like this post makes much sense. I told myself I wouldn't ramble or fill the post with pictures and memes. Oh well.

I will leave you with that. I'm going to go drink some tea and possibly read the paper. Something is most definitely wrong.


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Boat Story

Um..hi! Don't give me that look, I know I've been gone for ages. This time I have a valid excuse! Well, I think it's valid. You see, I was being a good Zoe and was blogging almost everyday. I was trying to put out a blog a few days ago which was going to include lots of pictures, because who doesn't like pictures? Anyway,whatever way they synced to my computer they wouldn't upload properly to the blog. So after about half an hour of trying, I just gave up and scrapped that blog idea. Then it took me four days to come up with something else. I do apologize, but I am kind of busy at the moment. That may or may not be a lie. You'll know if I'm lying if you know me personally. Super smiley face.

So, I was searching through my box of stand-up comedy notes, and came across a little memoir type thing of a day I spent on a boat. I thought I might share it with you because, although I did freak out a little (or a lot) this one experience helped me beat my hydrophobia. (Maybe not, I'm still kind of scared to learn how to swim). I call it, "The Boat Story". How original.

The Boat Story

One day, last Summer, my family decided to take a trip down the River Shannon on my uncle's boat. It was like a small fishing boat, I suppose, and it was my first time to ever be on a boat like this, or any boat in general. I'm not going to lie. I was really nervous. I was nervous of that fact that at any moment, the boat could capsize and I'm, well, dead. So, my uncle came to pick us up at the pier..thingy (as you can see I'm not a very experienced fisher..woman), and we awkwardly got in. There's always that fear that the boat will  start to move away when you've only got one foot in. If you look down and see the tiniest gap between the boat and the pier, you're going to start screaming and panicking, and of course, you look like a complete idiot.

So, we got in the boat and we sat down, and my uncle gave each of us a life jacket, which I find are a bit ironic. Although they are a life saving tool, you almost strangle yourself to death trying to put them on. It feels like you're being put into a straight jacket and being choked at the same time.

We started of on our "journey", and we're looking at levees and meanders (oooh geography), and lots of weeds and stuff, and it's all calm enough. I began to relax and start joking with my cousin and thinking "Well this is all fine. There's no danger here." After a while, we decided it was getting late and my uncle went to turn the boat around and take us back to shore. Then the engine died out, and wouldn't restart, so we were stranded in the middle of no where! (Slight exaggeration). My uncle went to try and fix the engine and I was starting to panic a little. I wasn't showing it but, I was starting to freak out. Then, I noticed my cousin had randomly starting singing the theme song for Titanic. She thought it would lighten the mood. Perhaps, "I Will Survive" would have been more fitting.

We did, of course, make it back alive. I don't think I will go on a boat again for a long time. I have gone canoeing since though. Maybe I thought it would be safer? That's just my logic.


Friday, 14 June 2013

Rambling About Games and PS4

This is probably going to be another rambling post. I'm sorry, but I'm a bit too lazy to finish the "People I Look Up To" posts, and my internet isn't working as it should, so it's hard enough to even get an entry posted. If I happen to go missing in the next couple of days, I do apologize. It will probably be because I have just given up trying to use such a bad internet connection. My internet has been painfully slow since Tuesday, which is when I wrote last. Hmm, what have I been doing lately?

Did anyone else stay up on Monday night to watch the Sony press conference at E3? (I think it was Monday night) I stayed up with two friends of mine to watch, and didn't get to bed until 4:30 am. I have to say I did enjoy it. There were mixed reactions between my friends and I, especially when it came to The Last of Us and Gran Turismo 6. Personally, I think The Last of Us looks awesome. I probably won't get it, but it doesn't look bad. Beyond Two Souls..can't wait for that. I did, however, miss the conference for Saints Row IV, but I did get it commentated to me, so that's fine. If you are a fan of Saints Row pleeeeeeease contact me so we can freak out together. Pwease?

Before all the games, they did show the console. (I think it was before the games. IT WAS LIKE 2 AM, LEAVE ME ALONE). I didn't like it at first, but it's growing on me. There's this awesome blue light that goes around the console. I'm guessing it comes on when it's powered on. (Well durr). I'm not very good with details, so if you want to know more..look it up yourself! Whoop, there it is:

Continuing on the subject of games, my Sonic game did survive! So yeah, I've been addicted to that for the past few days.

What am I doing with my life?

I have also set up a Facebook page for this blog. You can check that out here or you can follow my personal Twitter here . Give me a like or a follow maybe? Whatever floats your boat. Do feel free to get in contact and we can..talk and..fangirl it out together.


(This blog seems so short but it took ages to put together. Damn you internet!)

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Rambling About Rain

Hello, you wonderful people. It's currently raining outside and it's put a damper on my whole day. (No pun intended). Yes folks, always happy Zoe (HA!) is in a foul mood. I think it's because, my prized Sonic game for GBA got wet and is probably broken. What happened was, my parents were complaining that I was always in my room. I am not ALWAYS in my room. I'm working. (writing, editing, blogging etc). They don't seem to understand that. So, to get this fresh air I seem to need so bad, I opened my window as wide as it would go. Shortly after, I left the office (bedroom) to hang out with my nephew, and it started to rain. I didn't think anything of it at first. This is Ireland, rain is not an unusual thing to see here. After dinner, I came back to finish off a short story I've been writing and noticed that my poor Game Boy had been left in the window, and some crazed rain managed to get inside and drench it. So, I went around the house, awfully flustered, looking for a way to salvage the game, without letting any more water into the cartridge or console. I'm currently waiting for it to dry. I'll keep you updated as soon as I know more. (Like you care).

And if that wasn't bad enough, (oh here we go), my camera is also malfunctioning. I think it's possessed. When I turn it on, it glitches and the lens goes crazy, protruding and extruding when it feels like it. Watching it is like watching a shitter version of Paranormal Activity (if that's possible). 

Although, I did find a gif of Stitch dressed as Elvis Presley online that cheered me up slightly.

This wasn't the blog I had planned for today but, I felt like complaining. Smiley face.

Au revoir mon ami, a demain. (perhaps)


(I decided to try out a new font. Meh.)

Who I Look Up To

As you already may have guessed, I'm not really a normal person. When I ask people who their hero is they say someone who has really made a difference, someone incredibly talented or their parents. I, however, have to have strange heroes. By strange, I mean, most of them don't really exist. I'm not saying I had a terrible childhood, I'm just saying my siblings were a lot older and I went to a small school, so I had only a few friends. The family I mentioned last time, lived far away so, I spent a lot of my time playing games and watching television or movies. I suppose it was only natural that I would look up to people I spent most of my time with. They may not have really existed but I learned from them, and I think that's what really matters.

As I mentioned last time, one of my childhood heroes (and still my hero today) was Amy Rose from the Sonic series. I know, I know, she's not the most exciting female character ever made, but she's sweet and loving with a serious attitude. She taught me that you would do anything for someone you really love, including putting yourself in danger. I've been there, so I know.

I also remember looking up to Sam from Totally Spies. She was smart and ginger. What's not to like? She was a real leader, even if she did get a bit jealous at times. I think I saw a bit of myself in her. She was the best out of the three, so shut up.

Finally, for people who don't really exist is Alexis Rhodes from Yu-Gi-Oh GX. She's probably where my feminism comes from, to be quite honest. No matter who put her down, Lex always came out fighting. She was one of the more strong female characters who didn't always have her tits out, which is unusual for an anime. Her deck was full of female monsters too, and I just thinks she proves that women don't always need men to fight their battles. (cool the feminism Zoe)

Kohta Hirano also thought me that if you believe in yourself, you can do anything, despite what other people think.

(If you haven't watched High School of the Dead, go watch it. What are you doing?!)

I think that's it for now. I do have some real life heroes, but I think I'll leave that until next time!


Sunday, 9 June 2013

Things I Did As A Child

I don't think I'm the only one who enjoys being a teenager and having a certain amount of freedom without all the bills and boring adult stuff. I do look back and wish that it was socially acceptable, to still act like a child. I am a child at heart and I think I always will be. I was thinking about my childhood, in the early hours of this morning, and thought I might share some of my fondest memories of being a child.

A lot of the stuff I am going to mention, you will probably have done yourself. Well I hope you have. Ok, maybe you haven't. I was a weird child.

When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time playing outside. I know it might be hard to believe, but it's true. I was always the leader of my group of friends, and I was always blamed for the mischief we got up to. My closest friends as a child, were probably my own family. In particularly, my cousins. There were seven girls and one boy, so at times, he would be forced into playing house or making daisy chains but, I don't think he minded so much. I was always the one who would find a buttercup and demand to hold it to someone's chin to see if they liked butter. The yellow glow appeared on almost everybody, and I wouldn't accept the face that "the buttercup thing doesn't actually work". In fact, I remember having this conversation with my cousin one summer. Poor girl.

Me; Yay, you like butter!
Her; No I don't, you know I don't.
Me; The buttercup says you do.
Her; I don't.
Me; The buttercup says. Don't lie to me.

I used to love danger as a child. I remember, we were looking for a spot to build a tree house and I nominated myself, as the one to take on the dangerous mission of finding a suitable spot. In one day, I fell into a drain, waded through nettles and fell from a tree, grazing the whole inside of my thigh. As soon as I'd stopped pumping blood, I was straight back out there, never giving up. I sound like a war hero. I never did find a good spot.

Since, I was the leader (and obsessed with Sonic), we used to play "Sonic Heroes". It was basically a game of house, just we took on the names and personas of Sonic characters. I was always Amy Rose. I think it's a bit sad to have a game character as a role model. She's still one of my role models today. Problem? Yeah, I didn't think so. I'll go all Piko Piko Hammer on yo ass.

Of course, I had my games as a child. I think the first console we got was the Sega Megs Drive, where I was introduced to games such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Street Fighter, Revenge of Shinobi (best game ever). I think I had Golden Axe but I can't be sure. We also had a soccer game, which was the funniest game I have ever played. Just because all the players looked the same and the goalies for penalty shoot out were retarded. Then, we got the PS1 but, I've already told you about that.

I remember, my mother went away on holidays and brought us home, a plug and play controller. It could have been a Power Player Super Joy but again, I can't be sure. I can't really remember that, to be honest. All I remember was playing a soccer game with my brother, and laughing my ass off because the players looked like they were dancing. Oh the joys of our youth.


Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Seven Deadly Sins

I'm going to Hell. What a lovely way to open an entry. Seriously though, I think I'm screwed. I don't know why but, I found myself thinking about the Seven Deadly Sins (not the movie, the actual things). Now, I'm not a very religious person. I have my own set of beliefs and that's fine for me. I just thought it might be fun to see how many of the deadly sins I have done. It wasn't as fun as I thought...

1. Greed. 

I don't actually think I'm a greedy person. I would like to have money, obviously, who doesn't? It's not really an important thing to me though. I like food but, not in obsessive amounts. I think I'm ok for this one.

2. Gluttony

Honestly, I didn't know what "gluttony" was. So I took the liberty (I love that word ever since Lauren Winter)of looking it up. The definition of "gluttony" is "habitual eating to excess". I don't really do that so here's a picture of a fat cat, with a mustache, eating a cookie;

3. Lust

I'm not a lustful person. Damn that cake...I mean..quiet you. The only time I was lustful, was when I had a crush on someone I shouldn't have. I can't say who because they might read this blog. Oh hai there. You look damn fine today.

4. Envy

Or, jealously. Whatever floats your boat. Ok, I will admit. I am the most jealous person you could meet. Not necessarily for material things, I am just a jealous friend and girlfriend. I won't show you that I'm jealous. I will just kill the person you have been spending time with instead of me. Send me to Azkaban. See if I care.

5. Sloth

I laughed my ass off at this. Seriously, this is sin. It's about being slow or lazy to do things. Procrastination? I think so.

6. Wrath

Angry revenge? Ha...ha..ha....Now why would I ever hurt people on purpose who pissed me off..ha..oh you.

7. Pride

What do I of all people have to be proud of? I have a platinum trophy and you don't friend. You know who you are. Smiley face.

Maybe I'm not going to Hell after all? Nah..I probably am! Sucks to be me.


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Just A Random Summer Ramble

I know, I know, I haven't written in days. I'm sorry. I'm sure you had no idea what to do with your life in my absence. I apologize. The reason I haven't wrote anything in a while is because I was out enjoying the Summer. When I say that, I mean I was in bed playing Sonic the Hedgehog since the weekend. I did get some sun, but it just messed up my skin as usual. Maybe if I actually did tan, I would bother to go outside in the sun.

When the sun disappeared for a bit, I went outside and took this photo;

That's my dog, Rusty. Enjoy him. Not like that! God!

I did manage to drag myself from my room and went shopping. That's how I got my hands on the Sonic game, that is currently ruining my life. I would love to go on a ramble about it but, no-one would understand what I was talking about. If you have played Sonic the Hedgehog '06 version, please contact me. We could be friends.

I also have realized how close it is getting to my birthday! For once I can't wait because I should be getting some awesome stuff. I'm turning 17. Wow. Finding Nemo came out 10 years ago. Ouch.

I hope you're all having a wonderful Summer so far, and I wish the best of luck to all my friends starting their Junior and Leaving certs tomorrow! The sooner they're over the better. The Facebook statuses are getting kind of annoying..