Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I Matured?!

I've realized something over the past few days. I think I..do I dare say it? I think I'm starting to grow up. I don't necessarily feel older but, I've realized a lot of the decisions I've been making lately are more...mature than normal. For example:

  •  My mother gave me money to buy sweets. I took the money and bought shampoo.
  • I planned to spend my birthday money on Playstation games. Now I want to put the money in a savings account.
  • I've started wearing make-up.
  • Now, instead of impulse buying, I like to make sure I'm getting value for money and wonder if I could return the product, if it wasn't "adequate".
  • Things like Sonic, Adventure Time and Spongebob, all seem completely stupid and a waste of time to me now.
  • I cleaned for fun. That was the final straw.
What is wrong with me? Yes, I'm turning 17 on Saturday but, I don't think I can just randomly mature over night. Can I? Now a days, people don't fully mature until they're in their 20's. Worrying about my future actually keeps me awake at night now. What the hell? Yesterday, I gave my cousin a geography lecture in a field because I thought it might benefit her. I should have been making a daisy chain.

Seems like the ideal way to celebrate this momentous occasion. *sarcasm* 

I remember writing about how growing up scares me. It does. I don't feel like this post makes much sense. I told myself I wouldn't ramble or fill the post with pictures and memes. Oh well.

I will leave you with that. I'm going to go drink some tea and possibly read the paper. Something is most definitely wrong.


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