Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Rambling About Rain

Hello, you wonderful people. It's currently raining outside and it's put a damper on my whole day. (No pun intended). Yes folks, always happy Zoe (HA!) is in a foul mood. I think it's because, my prized Sonic game for GBA got wet and is probably broken. What happened was, my parents were complaining that I was always in my room. I am not ALWAYS in my room. I'm working. (writing, editing, blogging etc). They don't seem to understand that. So, to get this fresh air I seem to need so bad, I opened my window as wide as it would go. Shortly after, I left the office (bedroom) to hang out with my nephew, and it started to rain. I didn't think anything of it at first. This is Ireland, rain is not an unusual thing to see here. After dinner, I came back to finish off a short story I've been writing and noticed that my poor Game Boy had been left in the window, and some crazed rain managed to get inside and drench it. So, I went around the house, awfully flustered, looking for a way to salvage the game, without letting any more water into the cartridge or console. I'm currently waiting for it to dry. I'll keep you updated as soon as I know more. (Like you care).

And if that wasn't bad enough, (oh here we go), my camera is also malfunctioning. I think it's possessed. When I turn it on, it glitches and the lens goes crazy, protruding and extruding when it feels like it. Watching it is like watching a shitter version of Paranormal Activity (if that's possible). 

Although, I did find a gif of Stitch dressed as Elvis Presley online that cheered me up slightly.

This wasn't the blog I had planned for today but, I felt like complaining. Smiley face.

Au revoir mon ami, a demain. (perhaps)


(I decided to try out a new font. Meh.)

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