Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Seven Deadly Sins

I'm going to Hell. What a lovely way to open an entry. Seriously though, I think I'm screwed. I don't know why but, I found myself thinking about the Seven Deadly Sins (not the movie, the actual things). Now, I'm not a very religious person. I have my own set of beliefs and that's fine for me. I just thought it might be fun to see how many of the deadly sins I have done. It wasn't as fun as I thought...

1. Greed. 

I don't actually think I'm a greedy person. I would like to have money, obviously, who doesn't? It's not really an important thing to me though. I like food but, not in obsessive amounts. I think I'm ok for this one.

2. Gluttony

Honestly, I didn't know what "gluttony" was. So I took the liberty (I love that word ever since Lauren Winter)of looking it up. The definition of "gluttony" is "habitual eating to excess". I don't really do that so here's a picture of a fat cat, with a mustache, eating a cookie;

3. Lust

I'm not a lustful person. Damn that cake...I mean..quiet you. The only time I was lustful, was when I had a crush on someone I shouldn't have. I can't say who because they might read this blog. Oh hai there. You look damn fine today.

4. Envy

Or, jealously. Whatever floats your boat. Ok, I will admit. I am the most jealous person you could meet. Not necessarily for material things, I am just a jealous friend and girlfriend. I won't show you that I'm jealous. I will just kill the person you have been spending time with instead of me. Send me to Azkaban. See if I care.

5. Sloth

I laughed my ass off at this. Seriously, this is sin. It's about being slow or lazy to do things. Procrastination? I think so.

6. Wrath

Angry revenge? Ha...ha..ha....Now why would I ever hurt people on purpose who pissed me off..ha..oh you.

7. Pride

What do I of all people have to be proud of? I have a platinum trophy and you don't friend. You know who you are. Smiley face.

Maybe I'm not going to Hell after all? Nah..I probably am! Sucks to be me.


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