Sunday, 14 July 2013

Lake Blogging

This entry was written yesterday at the edge of Lough Rea. Fun.


It's hot. There's water everywhere. People are lying out in the sun. It's like Hawaii. It's not Hawaii though, it's Ireland. People look forward to this event every year. The one week of sun and heat, brings people together for BBQs, trips to the beach and last minute holidays. Everyone loves the sun. Not me though. I was dragged to this lakeside against my will. It was nice at first. Clean water, snorkeling, boogie boarding. It was quite delightful. Then the sun came out...

For anyone who didn't know, the sun and I don't have a very nice relationship. He always seems to pick on me. To avoid the torture of being burnt alive, (damn this semi ginger hair I have some how obtained) I got out of the water and ate. And ate.

So now, to avoid pure boredom, I am drafting my next blog. On my phone. *professional*. Everyone else is having fun in the sun, and I'm here wrapped up in a blanket, writing. I can barely see my screen, yet all I can think about is how much I would love a big, greasy, dirty burger. Do I ever think of anything else? I just hope that we don't get attacked by terrorists or something because, the dreaded pins and needles have struck. For the 9th time today.


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