Friday, 5 July 2013

Sleepy Blog

I'm in the mood to write so, God only knows how this will turn out. It is currently 12:12 am, and I've just made one of my childish, "when the hour matches the minute", wishes. (10:10, 11:11 etc). I always used to wish for the same thing, over and over. Now, I have decided to change the wish that I had been asking for, for the past 4 years. Now all I wish for is simply to be happy. I wish that that my year of being 17, will be much better than my year of being 16. The ages of 15 and 16 were quiet horrible, to be honest. Each full with, death, heartbreak and lost friends. On the bright side, I don't feel trapped as I had before. I am enjoying exposing myself to new people and experiences. Little things like, attempting to colour my hair with pastels or trying a new genre of games than what I'd be used to, have made life just a little bit sweeter for me.

I don't know if this sleepy blog is really going anywhere, or if it even makes sense. I probably should be sleeping, but the urge to write consumed me. That is something that happens a lot lately. The urge to get my ideas down on paper distracts me from doing other things, but I'm too lazy to actually get a pen, and physically write it. Or type it. I feel like my imagination is wasted on me and should have been given to someone with more enthusiasm or energy. Then again, my imagination is the only thing I really can rely on to keep me going. I've started to realize, that the people who you look up to and respect the most, will not always stick by you forever. Some times they just seem to vanish. Whether it's caused by me, themselves or some greater power, is beyond my knowledge.

For some reason, I've just found myself reading facts about beards. Apparently, stroking your beard increases concentration and your ability to remember things. Interesting.

Completely off topic but, I found that amusing.

And on that note, I believe it's time for bed. Ciao. Or should I say Chao? (If you get that, I love you)


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  1. I used to wish to be happy, but I think this confused the wish fairies. I think you need to wish in smaller chunks... Like rather than wishing for an amazing friend, wish for confidence to make friends...
    The wish fairies are pretty crap, to be honest, but they do try. Bless their little cotton socks. Hope you enjoy being 17! My four days of it have been great! XD x