Thursday, 29 August 2013

What A Girl Wants

When you are friends with a group of boys like I am, eventually the day will come when you realise that their behavior changes. They'll start talking about more "guy related" topics and this is when you get that feeling that you are now "one of the guys". If your are an abnormal girl like me, you will be quite happy to be accepted by your peers. Occasionally, you can start to miss being treated like a girl. I've spoken to a few friends of mine and apparently, this can happen when you find yourself in a long term relationship. So for all you boys out there who have friends you feel like romancing or your relationship with your girlfriend is getting a bit old, then never fear. Zoe is here to help you. I don't expect you to know exactly what your girl wants. She's confusing. She's probably even confused by herself at times.But, I know what I want. I am a woman..I've read 3 books..and I'm a woman. So today, we are going to talk about the most popular things that girls (and I personally) like for there man/boy to do.

1. Show an interest in us
It's not the hardest thing in world. Most girls love talking about their lives or their friends, so don't be afraid to ask a few questions. Get to know us. If we say we're feeling a certain way or thinking about something, show and interest in that. We care what you're thinking. Unless it's about football. Then you can fuck off.

2. Acknowledge special occasions
Don't forget your anniversary. Or her birthday. You don't need to buy her stuff, just show her you remembered. Don't start creeping on her mother's Facebook page so you can wish her a happy birthday. That's weird.

3. Be confident in yourself
I don't mean, be a vain asshole. Nobody's perfect. Don't start comparing yourself to her or thinking you're not good enough for her. She likes you. You don't want to put down stuff she's really into. Confidence is good.

4. Acknowledge her
Girls love when the guy speaks first. If you see her out and about at least say hi to her. If you're in a group of people, you don't need to stop your conversation and start worshiping her. Just giver her a smile to let her know you're happy to see her.

5. Taking forever to reply
This, personally, drives me up the wall. If I'm texting you, don't take an hour to reply to each message. I'm taking time out of my day to talk to you. I want to talk to you. One word answers. Ugh. Stop killing my conversation.

6. Give her as much as she gives you
It's not going to work if one person is left pulling all the weight in a relationship. This could be either the boy or girl. Make time for her. If she gives you little compliments, accept them and giver her one back. Make some effort. It's not fair if the relationship is split 20/80.

So yeah, do that shit. Get that girl you want or, look after the one you have. Going on the theme from last time, life's too short. *Yolo mode* (I need to stop doing that)


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