Friday, 20 September 2013

Homework? What Homework?

I have spent the past 12 years or so, of my life in school. As you may know, during your school life you are expected to do homework and all that fun stuff. I am that student who will always do the homework unless I genuinely couldn't do it, or if the rest of the class isn't doing it. I don't always do it to the best of my ability but hey, I'm lazy. During my life spent in education I have heard some of the best excuses for not having homework done. Seriously. I've heard excuses so insane, that I think the teacher excepted it because they thought the student might be having a nervous break down.

Some of my favorite excuses are; "I accidentally gave the sheet to my hamster as bedding", "I fell asleep because I was studying" and "my sister fell down the stairs and we had to take her to casualty". All legit excuses. I remember once, almost everyone used the "my printer broke" excuse, because no one had their project done. The teacher excepted the same excuse from everyone. How awesomely retarded is that?

I am normally quite good at not getting punished for having no homework. Apparently it's because I have an "innocent" look. Do I really? How innocent is it to say "sorry Sir I don't have my homework done because *insert name of other teacher here* gave us a 5 page essay". I've actually used that excuse. If you watch and listen carefully, you will notice what teachers like each other and which don't. Use the name of a teacher you know your other teacher doesn't like. All you have to do is hope they think "yeah he/she is a bitch".

What I admire is the students who manage to come up with a different excuse almost everyday but, it's so amazingly detailed, you can't help but believe it. I just sit there and wonder "how do they come up with this and would it work for me". I know people who teacher's just can not give out to. Nobody knows why. Teachers just can not bring themselves to punish these students. I want some of that. They could probably be hanging out the windows and they still wouldn't get in trouble. Think about it. I bet everyone knows one of these students.

I am also that person who puts all the homework off until the last minute. I should be doing homework right now..

I should probably be studying too. This year does determine the rest of my life and all...Oh well.


PS; We've hit over 900 views..WHAAAAAAAT?!

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