Tuesday, 17 September 2013

I'm Not Dead Guys

S'up. I'm not dead :) Sorry I haven't been writing so much lately but, returning to school has taken a lot out of me. I guess I still need to get back into my routine that never existed. I've actually had a pretty traumatic time lately. Look at this shit;

I actually broke my GameBoy. Apparently they don't like falling from shelves about 7 foot from the ground. I actually tried to duct tape it back together. That is just my logic. "Hey guys the screen is completely snapped off *tapes screen back on* WHY ISN'T SHE WORKING?!" Needless to say, I am totally heart broken.

On the topic of school, I've spent my time studying W.B Yeats. Although his poetry is quite fun to read, when you actually look at it you realize he does not stop whining. We get it you're old and sad. I also had my geography field study today, which actually does not involve a field. Basically all I did was throw a ball in water. Welcome to 6th year geography everyone. You learn to drop your balls.

This is probably the most pointless post I've ever done. I will get some decent stuff out eventually..JUST STOP NAGGING ME GUYS.

Much love


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