Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Welcome, to The World of Gaming

The gaming world is a complex place, with all different types of gamers. You've got the hardcore gamers, the casual gamers, rage gamers, boy/girl gamers..whatever. There's a lot of speculation of how playing video games on a regular bases will ruin your social life, your school life, your relationships etc. My mother was never happy with my gaming habits but, I had a reason for it. I didn't have any friends.

I've had a lot of games and consoles in my time but one memory stands out for me. I was about 12 or 13 and had just started secondary school, which I hated. I had no friends, my grades were off the wall terrible and I was terribly unhappy. I had some money spare and decided to buy an Nintendo Wii, (shut up, I can hear you groaning) and because there was a deal on at the time, I got "Animal Crossing; Let's Go To The City" for free. At the time, I didn't even know what "Animal Crossing" was. For those of you who are unfamiliar, basically you're the only human in a town full of talking animals, (yay for bestiality), and you run around, customizing your character, celebrating in-game holidays etc. I instantly fell in love with this game.

The highlight of my day was, getting home from school as quickly as possible so I could just play for the rest of the evening. Every time I entered the game, the town folk would come visit me or I'd visit them and they'd tell me how happy the were to see me, or ask for my help with something. It sounds really pathetic now but, I'd been playing for almost 2 years at this point, and for the first time I felt like I had friends and I was actually appreciated. (STOP JUDGING ME).

Eventually, I got my PS3 and was introduced to online gaming. I hate online gaming. Mainly because everyone is an asshole. You can instantly tell by my gamer tag that I am a girl, and if you enter a game with a group of boys, the abuse you get is shocking. I used to get it in COD, until I just gave up playing it altogether, but now, I can't even play GTA online anymore. GTA online, lets me hear other people in the chat but they can't hear me unless I use a mic. But of course, they know I'm a girl just by my name. (No, my tag is not UnicornDaiseys12 but still). Basically what happened was, I could here the guys talking about how there was a girl in the session, and I started joking to my boyfriend about how they would track me down and gang rape me. They actually did in the end. (Well not rape me, but they did track me down). Long story short, these guys hunted me down and repeatedly killed me. And because GTA online is a buggy piece of shit, it was the only session I could get into. Also I was too stubborn to go into passive mode. This is why girls don't like you boy gamers. You want us to play with you, and when we do you don't even let us play.

However, I did carry my team through a last team standing match, so I guess I have that to be proud of.


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