Sunday, 29 June 2014

Minecraft Diaries, Day 1- Campton

Hello, and welcome to this new series of blogs that I'm doing! I know the last "series" I started didn't last very long but, this is something I can do everyday and somebody told me it would be a good idea. Who knows? I play a lot of Minecraft since I've finished school and it does get a little lonely from time to time but, since I've loaded up a new world I thought I could share my experiences with you. At least, until I get bored of "Home 2.0" and move back to One Tree Hill. Basically, I'm taking a little holiday from my company "One Tree Hill", on my original server. Yeah, let's go with that story line.

Day 1- Campton

I started by spawning in the middle of a snow biome and did all the regular Minecraft stuff like, collecting wood etc. Afterwards, I decided to head North-East because, who doesn't head North-East? I stumbled across a desert which, is my favourite biome because, it always has something. I was a bit downhearted at first, as there was no sign of anything except sand and lots of cacti. In my haze, I came across a little desert village. I came with peace but then, raided the shit out of it. There wasn't much to begin with, a book here, a potato there, but then, I noticed the blacksmiths and thought, "Meh, I'll get a sword or something". Want to know what I got? Six mother fucking diamonds, two iron chest plates, an iron sword and iron pickaxe. Normally, this is stuff one may acquire after playing the game for about 30 minutes to an hour. I had been playing for 8 minutes. I checked.

Happy enough, I left the village with a spring in my step. Literally, because I was sprint jumping. I came across a small hill and decided to settle there. At least for the time being. I built a small wooden cabin and furnished it with whatever I would need to see me through the upcoming weeks. I decided to put my iron pickaxe to good use and go mining in a nearby cave. At least, I thought it was a cave. It turned out to be Ironopolis. Basically, it was full of iron. After about 15 minutes I had 43 iron and decided to dig up some coal because, I had run out of torches. Foolishly, I dug the block underneath me and fell...into a stronghold.

I don't know if everyone gets this lucky when it comes to Minecraft but, I am sure as heck enjoying my holiday so far!


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