Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Minecraft Diaries, Day 3- When Pigs Can't Fly

Day 3- When Pigs Can't Fly

Today, was a sad day in Minecraftia. I never would have thought...I couldn't have known. All my trophy hunting..all my glory seeking. Today, I took Fredwardo out for a ride, to try and achieve the "when pigs fly", trophy. I took him out, climbed the mountain of Campton and got ready to "fly". However, something terrible happened. Fredwardo fell and I didn't go with him. In my horror, sprinted down the hill, broke my legs a couple of times, and found a saddle at the edge of the river. No Fredwardo, just a saddle.

To try and make myself feel better, I did a bit of exploring. I went to the mushroom island and got stalked by a mooshroom, I went in the caves and I traveled along the coast until, I came to, what I now call, "Dead Village". Dead Village consisted of half constructed buildings and buildings underground containing, all the villagers. I did a bit of landscaping and flood control and left. I didn't even raid it. I found it all too sinister to be honest, I just couldn't leave all those villagers "ehh-ing" underground. Maybe I'll return and raid them some day.


In loving memory of Fredwardo the Pig, 31/6/14-1/7/14

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