Monday, 25 August 2014

Breaking the Silence of the Hill

Sitting here, in my newly threw together office, something told me to check my stats on here. May I ask who is still coming back here and why am I still getting views? Don't think I'm ungrateful, I just find it strange. I have no idea what it that told me to come back. Maybe it was pure boredom or the girl from the Silent Hill PT. I haven't been able to look at my bathroom in the same way. It also doesn't help that my desk is situated next to a mirror. Thanks, Kid, thanks a lot.

The transition from secondary school to college life, hasn't been fun. I'm already tired of getting post and worrying about registration days, grants and whether or not I'm even going to enjoy college life. My biggest fear, however, is facing it alone. If you know me in real life, you'll know that I'm not the most likable person in the world. I know it and you know it. I'm not very good at making friends. Almost every friend I've ever made has been a friend of someone else. I've been working on ways to try and boost my confidence over the summer but, it hasn't really worked.

I can't help but wonder, if this is the start of everything. My mother was told, by a fortune teller, that I would "surprise the family" by finding a career "that will make her very happy" and apparently I'm going to make lots of money from it. Obviously, I don't believe this. I mean, look at me. The only shred of hope that I have is Michael McIntyre's mother was told something similar, at a fortune teller before he was born. Despite not believing in this, part of me wants to be the girl from the Meteor advertisement; "I have an IQ of 200...I sold my game for 17 million". That girl. I only have an IQ of 120 so I don't think I'll be turning into her anytime soon. I am planning on doing games development, so I guess you never know.

I don't know why thinking about Silent Hill made me write this. Maybe I'm breaking the Silence of the Hill? That makes logical sense, I swear. (My surname is "Hill" for all you Twitter people). I haven't even titled this post yet. God knows what I'll come up with. I'm kind of tempted to play it now, simply because of all the hilarious one liners I came up with whilst watching friends of mine play. Hehehehehe.

I wish everyone the best of luck in the up and coming academic year, whether you're still in school, or shitting yourself about college or uni like I am.


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