Sunday, 21 September 2014

College Blues and Flaming Cakes

So, the last time I wrote was almost two weeks ago. I doubt anyone even noticed I was gone but, I do apologize. I've spent the past couple of weeks, not really having any idea what is going on in my life. A lot of things have just been thrown at me, out of no where and adjusting to things is hard. Very hard.

I've actually gone to college. I didn't have a nervous breakdown on the first day, go me! I actually tried talking to people too. I got my student card. I must say the picture is...not flattering. The lecturers thought it would be a good idea to put all girls, doing the course, into the one class, which resulted in me being split from anyone I knew from school. And that's when the panic set in.

I basically spent the first few days of college wondering, "When can I quit?" I would have left last Thursday if it wasn't for my mother. Damn her. I don't know what my problem is. I can go from "Get me the f**k out of here now" to "Oh my God, this is my life calling" in about 5 seconds. It's gotten to the point where if people ask me "How is your course going?", I just reply with, "I don't know". I had one person who thought I didn't know what I was doing in college and they literally just looked at me and said, "How do you NOT know what you're doing in college". Leave me alone, OK? I made a really shitty webpage. What have you done?

Most of my time over the past week or so, went into planning a surprise birthday party for one of my friends. I thought I could pull it off alone but ended up having to call in back up. It's hard work, planning a party. It's harder trying to keep it a secret. Apparently, it's also hard to get a reaction out of the person. So hard, that I almost set the cake on fire. That was probably the most exciting part of the party. I was so wrapped up in trying to keep it a secret, that I forgot to plan some proper entertainment. I genuinely thought one of the guests was going to have a heart attack from laughing, at the candle falling off the cake, so I suppose I provided some sort entertainment. What were we talking about again?

I can't even remember what the point of this was...a catch up maybe?

I hope you all are leading happy and eventful lives.


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