Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Why Being An Adult Will Ruin Your Life

Remember that time when you were, about eight years old and you were watching TV shows such as, "All Grown Up" and "Kim Possible", and you thought "Wow I can't wait to be a teenager! It looks awesome!" Then, you finally entered you're teenage years and it wasn't really awesome at all. You were expected to act like an adult whilst being treated like a child. You were forced to decide what you wanted to do with your life in a two year period. Not to mention all the pressures that come with friendships and relationships.

But, during those years of acne, mood swings and random boners you were probably thinking; "Wow I can't wait to be an adult! It looks awesome!" But it's not.

And this is where we come to what everyone seems to do during their life as an adult: Complaining. So, sit back, stress out and cry yourself to sleep, as we count down the top five reasons why being an adult really will ruin your life! (Which is mostly going to be about young adults #FirstWorldAdultProblems)

1. Money 

I think one of the main lies we believed as children was, adults have all the money to buy themselves whatever they wanted, whenever they felt like it. Sure, I have my own money now and in theory I could buy myself whatever I wanted but...What about that doctor's bill? What about that birthday that isn't for another three months but for some reason my adult brain is programmed to worry about it now? What about that rainy day? How do I know if there is enough rain for me to spend this money? Why has all my money suddenly disappeared from my bank account? Oh, because the bank took all my money for service charges while I was spending all that time worrying about how I was going to spend all that money I no longer have. Dammit.

2. College/University

Ah, third level education. The only place where I have to pay money, to possible make money in the future to pay back that loan I had to take out to pay all that money in the first place. Isn't it weird how all the friends you make on your course and going to be your rivals for work in a few years? Also, it's cool to be a nerd now? I don't have to go to class anymore? Third level education...Why you all backwards and scary?

3. Toy Stores

Do you really expect me to be able to walk around here and pretend like I don't want all this stuff? Why is it when kids throw tantrums over toys it's "sweet" and people say "awww poor little one" but when I do it I'm "unstable" and should "probably seek help". You're the one that needs help if you can't see how cool that Barbie with the colour changing hair is.

4. All of your friends are now adults

Yes, when you age your friends do too. I have old friends and people I know who are getting married and having kids. Other friends are working and having relationships. So once some of your friends fall into the adulthood trap, everyone else's social lives will suffer. It's a fact. Ask your mom. She's probably at home.

5. You just keep getting closer to death

In theory, we all are but, when you're fives year old you're not thinking about that. Almost as soon as people enter the workforce, they're being offered pension plans. Just let that sink in for a moment.

Remember Babe from those Babe the pig movies?

He became and adult and this happened;

Ok, rant over. To all those children hoping to be an adult someday; Run while you can it's trap!

Stay safe,


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