Thursday, 3 September 2015

Pre-College Thoughts

So, I was getting all my stuff together for college registration day tomorrow, and I found all my notes from my course last year. Which, in a way, was kind of sad. I went through all the effort of getting all my shit together, to realise I really didn't have my shit together at all. I was so nervous last year about, having to meet people, being too shy to join societies and whether or not I was even going to like the course.

This time tomorrow, I'll officially be a college student. Again. And to be honest, I really couldn't give two shits. I'm not nervous, I'm not scared, which is probably a good thing. I met people last year who were trying college for the second time, and they were so cool about it. So, does this mean that this year, I get to be the cool one? Probably not.

Since I'm doing social studies, I don't think I'm allowed have a "I'm not really that bothered" attitude. What if I carry this attitude through the whole course and into my future career and I get fired for telling all my patients to "chill out man, your problems are so irrelevant to the universe"?

I just hope that the really grumpy, old lady who had to take my photo last year is...gone. To me, she was the definition of cray. All the takers..were fine and just got their jobs done, while she was screaming at everyone to move their chair slightly to the left or right. And then has the cheek to say, it was our fault the photos took so long. I actually had a bit of a bonding moment with a classmate about how much of a bitch she was. The old lady, not the classmate.

So, I would like to wish those of you, starting new colleges or schools the very best of luck.


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