Friday, 6 November 2015

"I don't work here"

Hey guys, long time no talk! Sorry for the long gap but, I've been really busy with college work. Or trying to convince myself that, I've been really busy with college work. Either way, my absence was college related.

But, do you know what a long gap means?


So, a couple of days ago I had a day off from college, and I decided to go shopping for an outfit for a wedding, I've been invited to. I was in the dressing room, waiting for my mother to try something on and this old lady approaches me and starts asking for my opinion on a blouse and whether or not she could try it on. So, I had to awkwardly (and politely as I could manage), explain that I didn't work there. And of course she had to get all embarrassed. And made me feel bad.

A little while later, I headed to a book store to get a book for college. I was just browsing around and minding my own business when, another old lady approached me. And of course, for some reason, she as well started asking if I worked there and started giving me a description of a book she wanted for her granddaughter, or something. She didn't exactly give me time to explain, I didn't work there but, I had a rough idea of what she was looking for so, being a good citizen, I pointed her in the right direction.

I went back to looking for what I wanted, and another old lady who, must have seen me helping the other one (Why am I so attractive to old women? I'm not chicken), called me over to show her how to use the ATM. I was fine with this, of course. Until she started pressing the cancel button instead of enter, every time she entered her pin. Every fucking time. I'm not even joking, I was with this woman for a good 15 minutes. Eventually, she got the money she wanted.

I spent so much time helping all these old women that, I actually forgot what I needed and left without getting it. I hope these old women return the favour some day and help me when I'm on the streets because, I couldn't pass my exams because, they distracted me from getting my books. *sigh*

Seriously, I should've at least gotten minimum wage..


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