Saturday, 19 November 2016

Helena's Day- A Random Short Story

Disclaimer: This story is pretty poorly written and there's probably errors everywhere tbh I haven't written fiction in forever. I hope you like it anyway...Just had some emotions to channel into something, y'know? Also, idk what I'm posting it here I couldn't think of anywhere else to put it. The name is awful. So is the ending. OK bye.  

Helena's Day

“Do you think I should text Reese back, I mean he keeps---Helena are you even listening?”
“Huh?” I replied, snapped out of my daydream. Rachel glared and me for a second then, sighed and turned her face away. “I was kind of listening”, I lied.

“No you weren’t…you’re unbelievable sometimes, you know that? You never listen to me”. Rachel stood up, fixed her school skirt and started to walk away. I think she expected me to go after her because she stopped, and began walking again when I didn’t budge.

Honestly, she was right. I never listened to her. I’m wasn’t even a hundred percent sure who Reese was. I had an idea but, I don’t think I’d ever be able to match his name to a face.  I didn’t care who he was and what he kept doing. I don’t think I ever really cared about Rachel either. The truth is, I don’t think I can feel any sort of emotion. I used to be able to. A few years ago...I don’t know what changed. I see other girls my age, crying over boys, screaming over clothes and giggling until they produce tears that smear their make-up. Me? I don’t feel any of that. I can act if I really need to.
Maybe it’s because my parents are never around? And when they are, they’re just as cold as I am. I kicked some fallen leaves out of my way, on the walk home. They blew out onto the street and I followed them. I had to cross here anyway. Suddenly, I heard a scream, the squeak of brakes and a force knocked me off my feet.

I looked up, after a few seconds and saw a tall, blonde guy, not much older than myself on his knees next to me. He was breathing heavily. “Are you ok?” I asked. He looked up at me and smiled. “Yeah are you?” “I think so”. I looked over to where I crossed the street, to see a bus with a group of people huddled around it. The boy got to his feet and pulled me up after him. “My name’s Eli” he said. “Helena” I replied. “Did you save me from that?” Eli looked towards the bus and then looked away. “I guess so” he replied. “Thanks for the concern by the way” he laughed. I thought for a second about what he meant and then realised I was concerned. I felt something.

“Hey, come on I wanna show you something cool” Eli said, walking towards the side walk. Confused and slightly dazed about what just happened, I followed. We walked through the town for what seemed like forever. “Where are we going?” I asked. “This way” he beckoned towards a dirt path. I hesitated for a second then followed. This day couldn’t get any weirder.

Eli opened a gate and led me into a garden. “Wow”, I said almost breathlessly. “Aren’t you just amazed?” Eli asked, as he brushed past me and sat down on a bench. “I guess I am” I said, realising this new feeling. I sat down next to Eli. “When did they build this garden?” I asked. Eli scoffed. “It’s been here forever”. I shook my head, “It can’t have been. I would have known about it.” “It’s always been here Helena”, “…but how could it be-“. Eli cut me off, “Just because it’s something you don’t know of, doesn’t mean you have to deny its existence”.

I sighed and looked around. There was a huge tree over near the wall, a type I hadn’t seen before. It had a dark exterior, which almost looked black and deep green leaves. It didn’t look like an evergreen. “Shouldn’t its leaves be orange and falling off?” I asked, out loud. “What?” Eli turned to me. “That tree…it’s autumn why aren’t it’s leaves dying?” Eli followed my line of vision. “There is no tree there” he said. I looked at him. It was my turn to scoff. “Are you blind? It’s right there” I pointed to the tree. “There’s nothing there, Helena” Eli stood up, “Come on it’s time for us to leave”. “I’m not leaving until you stop fooling around…the tree-“ “Helena there is no tree”. “You really can’t see it? You’re crazy” I said, looking at him with disbelief. “At least I’m not in denial about it” he retorted. Another feeling. Eli walked out of the garden, while I took a moment to think about what just happened.

I followed Eli, after a few minutes. He was leaning against a black, fancy looking car. He waved me over. “Eli what the hell? Get away from whoever’s car that is” I said. “It’s my car” he beamed. “Hop in”. I looked at him intensely. “What are you talking about? We walked here how is this your car”. He smirked, “it’s mine now”. He grabbed my arm and pushed me into the passenger seat and closed the door. Eli walked around the car and entered on the driver’s side. He made himself comfortable and started the engine. “Do you even have a licence?” I asked, noting again how young he looked. “Nope” he said as he started to drive. Suddenly, I found myself enraged. “Eli what the hell? Let me out of this car” I shouted. “Calm down Helena” he said calmly as he picked up some speed. “Calm down? How can I calm down? You’ve just led me out to the middle of nowhere, stolen someone’s car and now we’re driving without a licence…I almost died today once already”.  Eli chuckled. “Chill out. We’re here anyway”.

Eli pulled over, in front of what seemed like a bar. I hadn’t noticed it had gotten dark. “What are we doing here? We’re not even old enough to drink”, I rubbed my temples. I had really had enough of Eli today. Eli didn’t respond and exited the car. He opened my door for me and I reluctantly stepped out. Eli walked into the bar with no hassle and I went to follow him.

“Hold up, girl” a man dressed in all black, blocked my way with his arm. “How old are you miss?” “I’m…uh…21” I said. “And I’m Prince Harry. Get outta here”, the man pushed me back with his arm. “No you don’t understand” I protested. “My friend is in there. Please I don’t know where I am”. The man ignored me. I called Eli’s name but, he didn’t come back. I turned to the man again. “Please just let me in to get my friend. I can’t stay out here alone” I begged. “What did I tell you girl?” the man said, sternly. “Get outta here”. “I have money” I offered. “I can pay my way in”. The man squared up to me. “Listen kid, no amount of bargaining is gonna make me change my mind. No get the hell outta here before I really lose my temper”. He shoved me away, and a fell backwards.
Some punters smoking outside saw and laughed. I picked myself off the ground, snivelling. I had to wait for Eli, I didn’t know how to get home. I walked a short distance down the street and sat down on a bench. “What am I gonna do?” I thought. “I’m out here all alone, anything could happen. Why was I so stupid to go off with a stranger? I wish that bus had hit me now”. I started to sob into my hands. Why could I suddenly feel everything? What was going on? I cried, in the cold for what seemed like hours.

I felt a presence behind me. “Hey”. It was Eli. “I want to go home” I sobbed. “Ok” he said, “but I have one last thing I need to show you first”. “No…no more…trips” I said, wiping the tears from my eyes. “I’ve had enough of this day…I’ve had enough of everything. I’m done”. “This one is really important”, Eli said, softly.

Eli and I sat in silence, as we drove. After, maybe an hour, Eli pulled into a hospital. Finally, somewhere I recognised. “What are we doing here?” I asked. “We’ve come to see someone” Eli replied. Eli led me through several corridors and we finally arrived at a dimly lit room, with some people gathered around a bed. Eli gestured for me to enter. My heart stopped. “M-mom?” My mother was huddled in my father’s arms sobbing. A nurse, and some aunts and uncles bowed their heads. I peered through the darkness to see another figure, sitting in a corner alone. “Rachel” I gasped. My eyes darted back to the bed, to see my own lifeless body being covered up by the nurse. I stepped back, mouth open.

“I’m sorry Helena”, Eli placed a hand on my shoulder. “But what…how…mom?” I reached out to my mother. “They can’t see or hear us” Eli said, softly. “And the bus…it…”. I ran out of the room, trying to catch my breath, then collapsed, sobbing. Eli wrapped his arms around me.

A few hours later, after I said a silent goodbye to everyone in the room, Eli and I returned to the car. I thought about what had happened and the day started to make sense. I felt free, unburdened, I could feel again. Eli had been quiet for a long time. I felt I should speak up. “It’s ok y’know. I wasn’t happy…I don’t feel…empty anymore.” “Yeah…I get it” he replied. He gave me a brief smile. I smiled back at him. “So where to, now?” 

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